Apr 26, 2011

raw chocolate reloaded

despite all my good intentions (mono-diet-wise) i felt like making chocolate yesterday. i've had some new plans for raw choc for a while now, so i dug in.

it a raw praline bar... so sweet it makes you thirsty.

inside is an almost liquid filling. you can spot the center-layer it in the pic, it's a little bit lighter. i won't tell you what's in it since i'm thinking about going "commercial" with those.

the "real bounty" version 2.0. contains 1/2 of a coconut, cacaobutter, coconut sugar and cacao powder.

enjoy your day!


  1. Very nice! I look forward to your commercial chocolate! And we need some to Finland too, there aren't many good raw choco bars...

  2. Hi Mel,
    I saw you in Franfurt/Main (basic store) and we talked about the street market :- )
    I love raw food and enjoyed chatting with you, thank you very much!

    (I found your blog while searching for new raw vegan recipes for a birthdayparty)


  3. awww, awesome. that's a reason to become raw I guess.

    greetings from Düsseldorf,