Nov 21, 2010

algae noodles & choc pudding

i have not posted any actual food photos and recipes in a long time. so... here's what i prepared today so far.

i made a tomato/herb sauce with 3 tomatoes, a handful of herbs, a spoonful of miso, some nutritional yeast, a few brazil nuts and salt & pepper. (just toss everything in the blender/food processor)

i ate it with my new favorite food: "sea spaghetti": an algae growing on the coast of ireland with the melodic name "himanthalia elongata".

these algae noodles have a really nice consistency. they have a bit of a bite (like noodles "al dente") and don't taste too fishy (a problem i have with most algae) .

they come dried and need to soak in water for maybe 30 minutes before you can use them. you can buy them here at PURE.

the easiest chocolate pudding in the world: one or two pears, a kaki or a banana, a handful of brazil nuts (or almonds or any other nut really) and cacao powder. blend it until smooth and there you go!
pears and kakis are sooo sweet right now that no additinal honey/agave/or any other sweetener is needed.

have a grrreat day!

Nov 18, 2010

mel vs. ashwagandha

K from PURE introduced me to ashwagandha, the "ginseng of ayurveda". the root of the winter cherry (withania somnifera) is dried and ground up to produce ashwagandha.

ashwagandha is believed to have many medical healing properties, improving all kinds of maladies from chronic fatigue to cancer.
it is used for "anti ageing", for easing all kinds of drug withdrawal symptoms and reducing anxiety. it is also called "natural viagra" and is supposed to be an aphrodisiac! thumbs up!

the powder has a smokey flavor and can be mixed with water, any kind of milk (e.g nut or soy), juices, smoothies etc.
one of the traditional indian ways of preparation is mixing it with honey. that's what i did to produce my fingernail sized energy squares. the honey does not mask the smoke aroma, but one does actually get accustomed to the taste.

ashwagandha in a pure raw quality is hard to come by in germany. if you want to support an upcoming fresh young enterprise founded by somebody well informed and truely dedicated to spreading the message of raw: get your stuff at PURE!

PURE also features 3 other ayurvedic classics:
neem (antibacterial & antiviral properties),
brahmi (stress reducing & mind clearing) and
triphala (mild laxative, improves digestion)

rainbow spirit festival

dear readers :)

i do have to apologize for the long silence yet again. last weekend i went to berlin to the rainbow spirit festival.
the festival itself was a little too esoteric for my taste, yet it was interesting to see what people are willing to spend their money on.

i helped out at PURE and spent a real nice weekend with K. we met some other raw foodies and gained amazing insight into the "behind the scenes" of raw catering...

the lovely K, founder of PURE. if you want to buy your raw supplies in great quality get it here!

me @ "work", doing one of the things i love: talking about food.

this is a the crystal skulls... the biggest one i found at the rainbow spirit festival, roughly the size of a human skull.

crystal skulls are believed to have paranormal properties and some new age people even claim that the skulls are "relics of atlanis", "store information about mankind's past" and "produce miracles"...

anyway. this is something i myself cannot relate to so well. however, i do admire the craftsmanship and i think any polished gemstone of that size is pretty impressive, especially quartz.

Nov 1, 2010

eating sunlight?

sorry, i haven't been posting in ages. i've had some immensely interesting few weeks. rocky patches in life also brought challenges for my raw diet. now that my head is halfway straight again i've learned another lesson in commitment and devotion.
change is the only constant after all...

anyway, my friend L from essen and me went to see a very interesting movie last night. it's called "am anfang war das licht" ("in the beginning there was light") and it's a swiss documentary about people who claim to not eat or drink anything but to feed exclusively on light/energy.

in the raw community "the sunlight diet" or non eating is a topic time and time again. i had heard about it before, but the rationatlist in me always said "no f*ing way". so i had to see to movie right away. the movie is directed by the same guy who also worked on "we feed the world" and "let's make money" and is presented in a neutral and informative way.

the movie starts with a presentation of people who followed jasmusheen's (author of books like "pranic nutrition" and "the food of gods") "sunlight diet" and presents several individuals who claim to not have eaten in years (most of this belonging to the land of lore if you ask me).
nutitionists and doctors argue the case and then several attempts to scientifially prove the matter are shown (none of these did not convince me however).

the most interesting case being that of prahlad jani (also called "mataji" by his followers), an 83 year old yogi from india who claims to not have eaten in over 70 years (he says he feeds on prana only). he agreed to being studied and observed 24hours in a hospital for 10 days. it was proven that during that time he had no intake of solid or liquid food, no water, nothing whatsoever. he didn't defecate or urinate and there was no liquid in his bladder. yet he was fine and healthy...

to cut a long story short: while i do believe that there are certainly more things on this planet than meets the eye (different religions all come to the conclusion of a source of power and energy. whether this is called prana, qi or any other name) i think proclaiming "the light diet" as a option for the masses is super dangerous!

the "sunlight nutrition" program starts with a very very extreme fast: no food and no water for a week. 7 days without water! young, healthy people who have attempted this DIED during the process.

i think fasting (water or even juice) can already get one very very far. is it really necessary to not drink water? while i can strongly advise everybody to do a fast i cannot support anything denying people water. water is the most important thing ever. (the majority of people don't drink enough water. people, drink more water!)

in the end the movie raises a much more interesting question: the question of a higher consciousness and consequently an altered reality.
is it possible to alter one's reality through the power of the mind?
my personal answer is yes.
even my rational mindset has to admit that certain things do work. (or at least: there is no harm in trying, is there?!)
whether things happen through "the power of the mind", being granted a "wish by the universe", "divine intervention", a kind of internal shift through a shift in attitude or however you might call it: i think it is in essence possible.

this is the more interesting debate: is it possible to change our being together on this planet through a different consciousness? through a positive and loving attitude? to create a different place for us, treating each other more conscious and also treating this planet, our divine home better? well yes, i certainly hope so!

nourishing on light is something that miiiiiight even be possible for people with the right mindset. that is people who have been meditating for a loooooong time and who are in touch with spiritual realities (for lack of a better word). a very very few individuals like prahlad jani.
proclaiming that eating only light (esp existing without drinking water for longer than 2-3 days!) is something that is potentially dangerous (even deadly) for the general public.

let me know you thoughts on the matter, i'm very curious. i'm not going to attempt feeding on pure energy anytime soon, but i do want to conduct another juice fast for sure.

have a grrrreat day and GO DRINK SOME WATER RIGHT NOW!