Jul 28, 2010

wild chaga mushroom

J from finland brought me some wild chaga mushroom!

strictly speaking it's a parasitic fungus that grows on the birch tree... the medicinal qualities of this mushroom have been used in folk medicine since the 16th century (at least).
chaga has antimutagenic qualities and helps rebuild dna. it is one of the most powerful sources of concentrated antioxidants known. (it has more than 100 times(!) more antioxidants than acai, pomegranate or blueberries)
therefore it is used against cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, but can also be enjoyed as a healthy tonic.

the traditional way of preparation in finland is boiling the mushroom for about 2 hours, then letting it drying it and repeating the process.
i wanted to try different ways of preparation. (see picture from left to right) so i made:
- a raw smoothie (in a blender)
- soaked some in warm water (40 degrees)
- brewed some like a tea (boling water)
- boiled some for about 30 minutes
the smoothie was hard to drink since it had many small pieces in it... and the soaked one and the "tea" didn't taste like anything. surprisingly i really liked the boiled one best. it has a slight vanilla-ish aroma and can be enjoyed as a healthy coffee alternative.

Jul 26, 2010

berrie choc' delight

berries with raw 'chocolate liquor' (not to be confused with 'chocolate liqueur').
now what is that?
the raw cacao nibs are peeled, milled and then pressed in blocks. so technically chocolate liquor is "100% cacao" chocolate. it's not very bitter, since the nibs are raw, but of course it's not sweet either.

you can order it here: http://www.rohschoko.de/epages/es10459840.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es10459840_RohKoch/Products/1004

chocolate pudding with an italian mini pear and banana

coconut cream pie w chocolate crust

ok, i did make something fancy last week and it turned out nice, although not optimal. anyway. my friend A and me got together and made pie with a chocolate crust, coconut cream filling and strawberry topping. i got the recipe from S who made the pie for the potluck in cologne.

first of all: it took a long long time to assemble.

a really long time.

the original cake recipe calls for bananas and is losely based on cafe gratitude's "i am devoted" cake.

the crust is a very very rich almond, cacao & carobpowder plus dried coconut mash. we made several layers...

... which does look pretty, but made the cake too heavy and thick in the end.

i really love the filling: cashews, coconut oil, vanilla and agave. mhmmmm...

somehow we still ended up with too much cake crust. so A rolled those ball.

i think i liked the idea of a cake better than i liked the cake in the end. to many layers aren't so good. i liked the crust and the filling better seperately. *shrug*

hey, look, it's a random salad picture!

mel vs. safu

'dacryodes edulis', safu, safou or 'african pear' is an african fruit rich in amino acids and triglycerides. this picture shows fresh (unripe) safus and obviously i didn't take that picture. i stole it off the internet...

at the potluck in cologne i had the opportunity to taste a safu. (i actually tasted some before at the rohvolution in berlin, but had completely forgotten about it again)

the seed is pretty big, so you mostly eat the skin. some say it tastes like a sausage with herbs... to me it tasted like a fattier version of avocado with a slight smokey aroma. i liked it very much. add some salt, maybe a tomato and it makes a perfect meal.

unfortunately it is not so common and hard to get here... the only source i know is orkos, but i don't know if i'll order there again. (the guy who brought them to the potluck does mostly mono dieting and currently orders 4 kg of safu a week! i find that admirable.)

Jul 25, 2010

raw potluck in essen!

i went to the essen's 1st raw potluck on sunday. i decided this rather spontaneously and i am so very glad i went.

it was a small potluck with a warm welcoming atmosphere. i met some really nice people and i wouldn't want to have missed it.

we met in I's garden, which is located in a small-garden-colony (i must say; i had prejudices... but i had to correct them. it was LOVELY!)

he had arranged a lovely little buffet and our "exclusive" group of about ~15 people plus babies gathered around the food.

i was happy to meet L again, whom i had first met last week in cologne. she brought a sprouted lentil salad that i really enjoyed. i have to start sprouting lentils and legumes i think.

cabbage cabbage cabbage

A had brought another cake creation, possibly even better than the one she brought to cologne last week. (that might be due to the fact that this one contained chocolate.... ;)

crispy bread crackers

M & B have a top notch juicer and brought two juice creations: red beet / carrot juice and banana / date juice (a thick, very rich juice)

looks like hors d'œuvre ... eggplant 'bread' with avocado, tomato mix, mushrooms and sprouts.

i had whipped up a chocolate pudding (avocados, plums, dates, cacao, carob & a little agave)

a kind neighbour brought these freshly picked berries!

i drove home with a smile on my face. several people there will attend the raw camp next week. i signed up for this too. sounds great. nature and raw food with some like-minded people. i see a week of bonfires and yoga!

Jul 24, 2010

raw chocolate ice cream

i made this chocolate ice cream a while ago. it's just water, cashews, agave and cacao powder. all raw and easily made.

i don't have an ice cream machine, so i just put it in a plastic container and into the freezer. stir occasionally to avoid big ice crystals.

et voilà!

salad and berries

sorry, i haven't been posting all that much lately. i ate a lot of simple food...

i looooove berries.

all kinds of berries...

"muesli" with nutmylk, grated apple and berries!

salad salad salad...

.... and more salad. this time with pear.

a word about 'female hygiene' products

ladies, a word about sanitary protection: i used tampons for 17 years now, but after reading an article in the latest "get fresh" magazine [a raw food magazine from the uk] i will probably never use one again!
do consider these facts:
tampons & disposable sanitary pad can contain:
- pesticides, herbicides and defoliants (potentially carcinogenic)
- dioxines from chlorine bleaching
- fragrances & deodorants
- rayon (a semi synthetic material), polypropylene, polyacrylates and dry weave plastic covers (in sanitary pads)
- all these substances are loaded with potentially harmful chemicals that can (and do!) enter the bloodstream...
- tampons soak up healthy vaginal mucus and affect (and destroy) the natural ph balance. plus they dry out the vagina
- the average woman uses about 17000 (!!!) sanitary products in her life, think about all this waste (most of it does NOT decompose)

for me, it was time to think about alternatives. i admit: at first the alternatives to tampons sound... completely nasty and icky.

then i thought about it some more and finally ordered these products that you can see in the picture above:

- a whole load full of washable menstrual pads from KULMINE http://www.kulmine.de/
[check gladrags.com or lunapads.com if you're located in the us, try seapearls.co.uk in the uk or just google "washable mentrual pads" to find an online store in your country]
these pads are made out of 100% organic non bleached cotton, are really absorbant, breathable and DO NOT SLIP. (i haven't worn a pad since the early 90s and am REALLY CURIOUS)
- sponge tampons (also via KULMINE)
they basically look like a bathtub sponge and are inserted like a tampon. they are textured like the walls of a vagina and do not dry it out. they are washable and reusable. (sounds great)
- a "yuuki cup" (synonyms are: mooncup, keeper cup, diva cup, lunette etc.). these cups are bell shaped containers (made of medical grade silicone without chemicals, latex, dyes, toxins or bleaches) that are inserted like a tampon. they collect the blood and can be simply washed out and be re-used)

i wish i had known about all this sooner. i never thought i'd say this but; "i can't wait to get my period"

Jul 20, 2010

my first interview...

on a very quick and purely narcissistic note: J from finland asked me for an interview for his blog "running wild"!

(http://runningwild.vuodatus.net/) he writes mostly in finnish, but sometimes in english.

needless to say, i agreed. and i am still immensely flattered...
the interview is online now:

raw potluck in cologne!

i went to a raw potluck in cologne last sunday!
S (www.rohelust.blogspot.com) hosted this in her home (many thanks again!)
i had lots and lots of immensely tasty food (i totally overate) and met some very inspiring people!

yummy pizza 'hawaii' (w pineapple) made by the 'raw cook' (rohkoch.de)

salads, salads, salads! i love fresh salads!

N (vitalissimo.eu) brought 'chi', a raw lemonade. it's a fermented drink (kombuca/kefir style). i tried some at the rohvolution in berlin and for some reason i have to be really careful with these drinks, so i abstained.
there were lots of fresh and dried fruit and nuts too. really a great variety of things catering to all raw vegan lifestyles.

kelp noodle salad with mixed veggies, very delicious!

passionfruit, mangosteen and kiwis!

sour cherries: fresh from the tree!

this salad had a very tasty garlic/nut/herbs dressing, definetely joghurt-dressing inspired. i liked it very much and will try to recreate it.

more fresh greens!

raw cake!!! (and a really superb salad with pineapple and ginger)

a very sumptious nut cream (used as a salad dressing)

zucchini noodles and...

more cake!!!
what can i say, i'm a sucker for sweet things. i have successfully stayed away from sweet stuff for a while now, but i had to try the cakes!
the one above was made with a rich nut crust, a veeeery sweet creamy filling and decorated (ying yang style!) with raspberries, blueberries and dried pineapple. thumbs up!

cakes, cakes, cakes... i was in raw food heaven...

my personal highlight: strawberry chocolate cake (coconut) cream cake made by S. yummy yummy yummy! the coconut cream filling was just fabulous. i immediately asked for the recipe and will recreate that as soon as i have the chance to.
there was even more food which i sadly didn't take any pictures of... as soon as the buffet was opened i dug in... and i ate all evening long.
i would also like to point out a very thoughtful (german) blog; lizzie's "eat & think blog":

sorry, i have to keep this brief again...
bye for now.