May 29, 2010

a lovely day at the rhine

ahhh, what a beautiful day in the dorf. we went to the river with our four legged friends. (can you spot the running dog in the picture?)

the boys had fun in the sun. duke got hot and showed his long tongue.

the sheep were out, huddled together in the shades of the trees, munching the green grass.

sonny rolled around in something sheepy. then he swam in the river. nasty smells. (i gave him a bath when we got home)

my pretty girl in the sun.

no, i am not wearing some ultra cool bondage shirt (b.t.w. it's japan day today and all the geeks are out - in full gear!), it's just a dogleash over my shoulder.

L demonstrated superior core strength and balance skills while the boys were looking for edibles.

L did the crow on a stone. just because she can. as a former u.s. taekwondo champion she would never practice yoga herself. she was a really successful competitor. one day when we have a big fat house we will have a trophy room ;)

May 28, 2010

namaste LOST...

i would like to write another farewell note to LOST...

i've been thinking about the finale for a couple of days now. i still don't think that it was the most brillliant ending possible, but then i have to remind myself what LOST has really always been; a great character show.

none of the characters are shallow or just "good" or "evil". everybody always has a history and a motivation. certain actions/modes of behaviour don't just "happen" as a singular event. they are part of a context/chain of events just like in real life. all characters are credible and depicted in pretty realistic ways.
i just loved it time and time again when the show was able to engage my sympathy for a character i had previously disliked.

the well written characters (& the great story writing in general) and of course the beautiful island setting was what drew me to the show in the beginning and kept me going for all those seasons.

the mystery element was something introduced very early on in the show. (in the pilot actually!) and i still don't feel that the writers/producers did all the mysteries justice. ok, sometimes it's just cooler to leave stuff to the imagination, but after all the anticipation season 5 created i still feel it's a bit thin what the producers gave us in the last season.

i personally understand the "sideways flashes" as something that happens after jack dies, but apart from time & space, just like christian shepherd put it, "there is no HERE NOW".

it doesn't mean that they are all dead NOW and that everything we saw on the island never happened. (again, christian said "some died before you and some died a long time after you").

so really the sideways world was a means to show us an alternate "how it all could have been" or "favorite moments reviewed". (some of the stories just didn't catch me, but seeing sawyer and juliet together again was a huge payoff.)

LOST was (and will be) the best on tv EVER.
it is an epic tale about "the human condition".
and with that knowledge, i can also accept the finale.

LOST is now something that will continue away from the screen in our hearts, minds and of course online.
we can all continue to theorize about how long before egyptian times "mother" was on the island and how she got there, how kate, sawyer, desmond, miles, richard alpert and lapidus continue their lives off island (and if they will ever come back...) and how ben helps hurley protect the island.

"see you in another life, brother"
"you got it, blondie"

NAMASTE LOST, we will miss you. a lot.

spicy cucumber tomato soup

all of a sudden i had the urge for sth immensely spicy. so i blended up this soup:

1 cucumber
4 tomatoes
dried chilies
chili powder
little bit of chili oil

yup, it turned out QUITE spicy, but i enjoyed it.

on a different note: i bought a new yoga mat! it's a jade mat and i am very very happy with it. ( they plant a tree when a mat is bought!)
and it's really really really NON SLIPPERY. that was what i was looking for. now the crow can fly a little bit longer :)
have a grrreat day everybody!
ps: can you spot the dognose in this pic?

May 25, 2010

LOST... it's over...

as anticipated i indeed did have a very emotional weekend...
first i turned 30. the big threeeeee-zeeeeero. well, i don't feel any different. in the end, it's just a number. is a number that suggest a certain degree of "grown-up-ness" which i really cannot identify with. *shrug*

my beloved L made me the best possible birthday gift of all possible worlds. i will reveal it at a later point. i am still processing the information. i think i will only believe it for real when it'll finally happen ;)

all of these pictures are taken with my fabulous new camera! a birthday gift from my dear friends A&E. talking about perfect timing: they got me the absolute right thing at the right time! i hope you notice the difference in picture quality. i haven't explored the fine tuning yet, but i am very happy about my new camera.

sprouts 'n' salad... never gets old...

saturday night brought drinks & songs, we headed to a korean style karaoke bar to celebrate. it was one of those very rare occasions i had a drink. actually i got quite drunk. really drunk. which was fun while it lasted, i truely had a great time.
all this drinking turned out to be not so much fun when we got home... both L and me got really really sick...

the "morning after" we dragged ourselves out to the woods, which are so lovely this time of the year. peace and quiet and lots of running with the dogs cleared our heads.

monday brought another day of marvelous sunshine to our dorf. we headed out to the rhine and met S with her two dogs N&A. it was fun! we watched the dogs sniff and run and swim and sniff again.
monday evening brought the much anticipated finale of LOST, my favorite tv show of all times. sadly i cannot say that i found it satisfying. i felt like the writers/producers took "the cheap route" out. i feel betrayed and i don't feel that justice was done to all the mysteries established. all this build up lead to this... i cannot accept it. yet. i will have to do some serious re-thinking and re-watching. all in all, the LOST finale left me in a grumpy mood. for today.

May 21, 2010

raw corn chowder & raw apple pie

boy, am i lucky! when i came home from my workout yesterday L had prepared this marvelous food for us!
based on a recipe from ani phyo, the corn chowder is made of well, obviously corn and walnuts. add a little salt, garlic, mixed spices and little bit of pumpkinseed oil and avocado and voila!

L also made a raw dessert!
it's an apple pie!
made of almonds, raisins, dates, orange juice (crust & topping) and of course apples. no agave though. the dates take care of the sweetness.

yummy yummy yummy i got love in my tummy :)


this weekend will certainly be a very emotional one. i have a round b'day coming up AND on sunday the LOST finale will air. i'm looking forward to both with bitter-sweet mixed feelings.

have a great day everybody!

May 19, 2010

what i ate

a muesli with blended oats and some raw cacao powder in it. very nice. it needed a sweet counterpart, i find the pure cacao much too bitter. as i am trying to save on agave (i'm 2 kilos down again) i put in some grated pear and apple.

yes, i had a coffee!

it's a soy latte decaffeinated coffee. but still a coffee.
not raw, but caffeine free and vegan.

i enjoyed it very much (it ripped my still resonably fresh "coffee wound" a little bit open again.) it tasted ok, but not as remarkably good as in my still very lucid memory of coffee. one good effect was that i had neither shivers nor sweats.

i will not make this a habit again.

maybe just one more... JUST OOOONNNEEE MOOOOOOREEEEE....

tre stagione pomodoro...

looked nice, tasted exactly the same as just red ones though. *shrug*

more random dishes

sprouts 'n' strawberries

salad with black olives & white fungus (i really like the consistency)

blended strawberries with pear and soaked grains. makes a very good pre-workout food.

mel vs. kiwano

brace yourselves for the kiwano (or "horned melon", interestingly called "horngurke" [horned cucumber] in german)

i was curious about that fruit with the very special outer appearance. i was expecting something sweet and tropical inside. well, looks can be misleading...

it was advertised with "a heavenly aroma somewhere between lime and banana"... so i opened it

and was greeted by a slimy greenish mass.

a slimy mass that didn't taste anything like banana or lime.


to me it was a bland and sourly disgusting taste somewhere between cucumber and something very unripe....

never again.

maybe it's some kind of acquired taste. if you grew up in israel, portugal, kenya or new zealand where the kiwano grows you maybe have some fond memories of how grandma picked some ripe kiwanos and you slurped them directly out of their horned shells.

i however have no such memories and will likely not dwell deeper into the kiwano ever again.

fabulous things to do with sprouts...

did i mention i really love sprouts?

they are so easy to grow, extremely healty, very tasty and super low budget.

i've been trying more sweet stuff with sprouts, works just as well in a muesli. add some fruit and a nutmilk (or just blend e.g. oats and water) and there you go.

salad salad salad

for the last weeks i've been cultivating a salad L now calls my "smoker's salad", because of the heavy load of salt, dried spices and/or oil i put on my tomatoes and greens.

oh, this is made without sprouts. it's another rhubarb mash.

raw potluck!

duesseldorf, a settlement by the river rhine, the year MMX a.d. ...

on the XV.V. a group of 14 people gathered at the river. women, men and children.
they were fearless, they withstood the grim weather...

they were hungry...
... and they had brought food...

... a lot of food!

the first public raw potluck in duesseldorf was a success!

nice people had brought all kinds of great salads, a nice green mix, a fennel salad and a japanese style salad with daikon radish and lots of sprouts.

raw vegan sushi!! the "rice" is a mix of parsnips, cashews, pine nuts and white miso. delicious! i'll have to make that in the very near future!

we had a ton of fresh fruit, even baby bananas!
there was even a raw potato salad (you know how we germans love our potato salad ;)
sweetpotato (in very thin slices), apples, onion, bellpepper, cucumber with a sauce made with cashews, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, garlic and miso.

this bread is the best raw bread ever!
it's just dehydrated flaxseeds, almonds and some spices (e.g. garlic). i've been thinking about making a sweet version, maybe with dates and honey/agave. that would make a splendid cake.
this bread was made in an acutal dehydrator. i wonder wheater i'd get such good results in the oven. must try this soon!

here comes the sushi again, in all it's glory :)

this mousse is made of cabbage, avocado, ground elder ("giersch" in german, it's a wild herb that grows literally everywhere and is very very rich in protein) and alliaria petiolata ("garlic mustard", "knoblauchrauke" in german) to spice it up. very very nice!

my friends A & E made this "filled bell pepper", losely based on a recipe from the legendary german raw un-cookbook "rohe lust" (sadly it's out of print now)

i made my baklava again and people liked it :)
there were two different raw chocolate treats (which -lost in an absolute food frenzy- i failed to photograph) chocolate hearts made with maca and agave (amazing consistency, contrary to my humble try outs) and chocolate ice cream hearts ("melt in your mouth" goodness)
i am very glad we took the initiative and finally made a potluck happen here. it was about time!
we're already planning the next one, which will happen probably sometime in june.

May 5, 2010

raw cereal

this morning i had a mash made out of rhubarb, a small mango, a sapodilla and some sugar cane juice.
i did a lot of stuff with rhubarb lately, i really like the texture.

persimmons are back in season!

a trip to the indian/african food store saved me an overpriced order from orkos.
4 small orange mangos, one bigger mango and 3 sapodillas for under 5 euros.
i can safely say that the "trans food" market really kicks orkos' ass...

i got this from a chinese supermarket (costs less than a euro). it's frozen fresh sugarcane juice (98%) with fresh kumquat juice (2%).
this is insanely sweet and i am using it to sweeten my rhubarb dishes.

this is a nutty "oatmeal". the recipe is based on lisa's "breakfast porridge" recipe (
soaked buckwheat & oats
sprouted sunflower seeds
a banana
some almonds & hazelnuts
some agave, salt & cinnamon
turned out very nice and creamy. i had a heavy hand on the salt so i used some apple to even that out.

have a great day everybody!

May 2, 2010


soooo.... i have a confession to make...

last night... and A & E made a RAW PIZZA!


yep, it's all raw!

and how exactly did we make it?
let's watch the step by step assembly ;)

i had prepared the crust earlier, it's made out of:
- a mix of soaked wheat, barley & oats
- soaked sunflower seeds
- flax seeds
- black sesame
- sprouted sunflower seeds
- buckwheat
- celery
- cauliflower
- a few almonds
- some salt
i dried it in a conventional oven (lowest temperature!) over night. if you have a fancy dehydrator you can use that of course :)
the marinara is very similar to the raw lasagne marinara:
- tomatoes, both fresh and dried
- some black olives
- onions
- garlic
- salt, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce & fresh basil and oregano
the cheeze is something i whipped up spontaneously (and i am very proud that it turned out good)
- meat of a ripe coconut
- nutritional yeast
- apple cider vinegar & fresh lime juice
- garlic
- salt

my friend A is very crafty so she did the whole assembly. the toppings are: avocado


and carrots.
we got the pizzabox for mere effect from a friend of A&E's who owns a pizzeria.

ah, of course there was salad too: red chard and mango!
it came with three different dressings: one was fruity (with lime-oil), one was spicy (something with chili and oil) and one was sweet 'n' sour (aceto with fig mustard)

hold on, there was more!
kelp alga and white fungi (which i purchased dried from a chinese supermarket) with tahini.
and there was also a dessert: a pudding made of strawberries, rhubarb and banana.
aaaaand there was watermelon as well.
it was quite a feast. i am still full of food and couldn't eat any breakfast yet.
the weather is terrible today, all gray and rainy. we took the boys to the rhine in the morning and they got completely wet. (i had just given them a bath yesterday...) there's a marathon today in the dorf, poor runners.
siiigh. i'm heading to the gym now.
have a grrreat day!