Apr 29, 2010


guess what?!

i can finally do the yoga crow. it took a while for me to be able to do this at all. not that it's very elegant or very high up, but i can hold it long enough for the picture ;)

this pose is more about balance and less about strength. i will work on it and hopefully soon be able to post better results.

have a grrrreat day!

Apr 28, 2010

mel vs. red banana & pepino

ever ate a red banana?

the flesh is a little orange and has slightly different "aroma undertone". otherwise it tastes almost exactly like the yellow one.

actually i like the yellow ones better, but i like the dramatic looks of the red banana.

the pepino. i found them at a supermarket and was really curious about the advertised "melon / cantalope meets pear"-aroma.

it was a huge disapointment :(
maybe the fruit was not fully ripe yet or i just had a bad one. it was bland and unexciting.
save yourself the money and get a nice melon instead!

mel vs. duku, gandaria & germinated coconut

remember that order from orkos i received about 3 weeks ago? i promised to get back to the fruit "reviews". well, here they come :)

the duku langsat is a curious fruit. imagine the consistency of a lychee with the aroma of a perfectly sweet grapefruit. there you have it! (careful: the seeds are extremely bitter!)

conclusion: nice. really nice. if it's not available in your country and/or you don't want to order fruit online: get some lychees, rambutan or longan and mix them into a fruit salad with citrus fruit. does the trick as well.

meet the gandaria. tastes like a miniature mango, but more "fresh". sour (like a loquat) and watery with the consistency of a plum.
conclusion: highly overrated if you ask me... (and extremely overpriced at orkos)

the real "rare treat" was the germinated coconut.

so, what is this exactely?!

a coconut is strictly speaking not a nut, but a fruit. it's the seed of the coconut palm.
if it's not harvested beforehand, but left to fully ripen on the palm it will eventually fall to the ground.

then the green outer hull slowly rots away and (under ideal conditions) the coconut starts to germinate.
as the coconut germinates a white sponge-like ball develops within the shell, absorbing the coconut water and "feeding" the young coconut sprout.

and guess what?
this "ball" is edible! tata!

in this state the white coconut flesh surrounding the ball is buttery and half rancid. i wouldn't recommend eating it, it's only for the very brave. you can still use it for skincare!

the real interesting bit is the white fluff...

the white spongy stuff is also called the "coconut apple".
it has the consistency and bite of ... something between candyfloss (but more crunchy) and meringues (but not as hard)
it's very sweet and sugary and coconuty.
do NOT eat the yellow stuff!!! the yellow "crust" tastes rancid and fermented (in a BAD way). really, just stick to the white!

it looks cool, doesn't it??? my friend A reeeeaaaallllly didn't like it. she took a sniff and then i coaxed her into taking a microbite. she then just violently shook her head... L wasn't a fan either.
mhm. i like it!

here's a link that explains how to germinate a coconut from the supermarket:
here the intention is not eating the "apple", but ultimately growing a palm, but i am sure one can experiment with that.
given the low prices of a coconut at the grocery store (>90 cents at the indian store) i will try this some time.
frozen soursop (not from orkos, but from the asian market)
ok, i admit it contains sugar, but it's just sugar and the frozen fruit, no additives, no preservatives, nothing else. wash it a little bit and mix it with e.g. rhubarb & strawberries.
i had some fresh soursop at the rohvolution fair. the fruit itself is (as the clever name indicates) very sour, but it has an amazing texture.
the soursop is an annona, same family as the cherimoya (which is quite common these days). i am not a fan of the cherimoya because it has such a flabby consistency. it's also called "sugar apple" which is a completely misleading name if you ask me.
anyway, i love love LOOOVE sampling and testing and ranting about exotic fruit. if i see a fruit i don't know i simply have to have it.


Apr 27, 2010

raw FEAST !

i am having a tremendoulsy bad day.
i'm in such a foul mood... terrible!
well, my day started out really good with a hard workout (i can already feel some muscle soreness. since i went raw the sore muscles never last longer than about an afternoon or so. before that i used to be sore for days)

well, then i did some banking and looking at my account balance made me sigh deeply.
holy freaking crap. i gotta make more money. siiigggghhhh....

anyway: what's new in melville foodwise?

i had a fabulous (and i really mean FABULOUS!) raw FEAST with my friends A, E and S on saturday night. A & E came over early and we prepared LARGE quantities of high quality food. we had:
- banana snack (some leftovers from the actual dessert)
- tomato juice (another leftover from the marinara)
- tongkwa arugula salad w/ pumpkinseed oil & sprouted sunflowerseeds
- living lasagne
- raw baklava
- rhubarb strawberry plum pudding

in short: it was mouthwatering! really really delicious! A & E were really great kitchen aids (i basically ordered them around for 2 hours, just observing the whole scenario ;)
sadly there are no pictures bc L was away for the weekend.

i made some more "raw" tshirts. will post pics soon.

Apr 21, 2010

homemade raw ginger lemonade

i've been having the most intense crawing for schweppes ginger beer (picture below) for weeks now.
for those of you who are not familar with it's gingery glory: it's very very very sweet (and if i say that, believe me, it is darn sweet) and very very gingery. ginger ale is a watery lemonade in comparison.
ginger beer (of course it's alcohol free) can be found at asian markets here. somehow i don't think this product would be very popular on the german market.

anyway. it's so easy to make your own (raw) ginger lemonade: just take some freshly squeezed ginger juice, mix it with water (or carbonated water if you prefer), add lemon and huge amounts of agave/raw sugar/honey or maple syrup. and there you have it.

rhubarb and strawberries

it's rhubarb season!
so far i've only eaten cooked rhubarb, mostly in combination with strawberries. after some discussion (about rhubarb) with my friends E and A i bought some and just tried it raw.
it's completely possible. not only possible, but delicious.
i tossed 1 stick of rhubarb with 6-8 strawberries (depending on the size) into the food processor. i added some honey since the mix was still very sour.
in a month or so when the strawberries get sweeter (the ones available here right now are not v sweet yet) it gonna work without some additional sweetening.

salad, salad, salad... i can safely say i have mastered the preparation of green salads :)
i eat much more stuff with sprouted seeds now. an excellent protein source!

i made some more chocolate! a lot of chocolate... this time with nuts. L and me ate the whole thing in one evening. yeah, did i mention i gained weight?!

strawberry muesli with buckwheat and bee pollen (also an excellent protein source)

Apr 19, 2010


somebody held my laptop hostage. massive amounts of food were demanded as ransom.

these two might not look like terrorists, but believe me: they know all the tricks. here they just pretend to be gentle, sleepy and nice. when really it's just a show they put on for the photo ;))

Apr 13, 2010

raw potluck in duesseldorf!

i finally met two raw foodies from the dorf! people do actually read the stuff on the biomarket's blackboard!
L, L and me exchanged experiences, stories and gossip and decided to just set a date and get the first public raw potluck in duesseldorf started!

the 15th of may it is, a saturday night (no fixed time yet. best guess is late afternoon / early evening). we'll meet outdoors at the rhine's green meadows. hope the weather is nicer then...
anyway, everybody is welcome, just bring a raw dish!

random dishes

i'm really into leafy greens lately. e.g. spinach with kimchi (boy, that kimchi was hot... ouch!)

my morning coffee subsitute: gojis and barberries soaked in water. it's a bit of an acquired taste.

more salad... carrots, zucchini and parsley flooded with pumpkinseed oil

my version of a strawberry margarita: water, pear and strawberries :)

wild herbs

wild herbs continue to fascinate me. edible herbs grow everywhere. really. now that i've developed a bit of an eye for it i suddenly spot them everywhere. literally: EVERYWHERE!

i wouldn't harvest anywhere though. ideally the spots are absolutely untouched, but somewhere foresty or reasonably fieldy is good enough for me.

i made some... mash (w/ mustard) with herbs i collected in the woods, mostly lamium (deadnettle, taubnessel) and these two:

alliaria petiolata (knoblauchrauke) has the telling name "garlic mustard" and grows everywhere remotely forest right now. it has a lovely garlicy aroma, but can easily turn bitter, depending on how old the leaves are. use sparingly or do only use those small young leaves.

ranunculus ficaria (scharbockskraut) or "lesser celandine" has a nutty, salady taste.
WATCH OUT: it can only be consumed before it's in blossom!
with the bright yellow blossoms a (very mild) poison spreads through the whole plant, rendering it inedible. before that it's tasty and really rich in vitamin c.

Apr 10, 2010

delivery from orkos

on wednesday the much anticipated delivery from orkos arrived.

sadly, it was a real disappointment...

i admit, i only placed this order to get to know several fruit i had never heard about nor tasted. i had ordered at the rohvolution since they offered free shipping as a rohvolution special.
originally i composed an order of:
sapote amarillo,
mamey sapote,
a germinated coconut (more about that later)
and a special kind of avocado("lula")

a few days after the fair i received an email: most fruit were already sold out so i agreed to receive the order the week after that. then again, some days later they called me: they told me they can only deliver the duku, gandaria, safu and the coconut!
the other fruit are unavailable or out of season(!). i agreed again, since i really wanted the stuff.

then the delivery arrived (in a giant box, talking about reducing waste...) and contained only duku, gandaria and the coconut. what a disappointment...

i don't understand WHY people put stuff in their catalog THEY CANNOT ACTUALLY GET THEIR HANDS ON. ok, i understand that we are talking about tropical fruit here, so anything in the chain of harvesting, sorting, packing and the whole international delivery process can go wrong.
BUT out of 8 ordered items i recieve only 3 ??? WHY PUT FRUIT IN THE CATALOG THAT IS NOT EVEN IN SEASON???
(well, i know exactly why: because it looks damn good to have all these rare tropcial fruit listed. problem is if somebody actually orders all that rare stuff, they're screwed.)

i think that this was my first and last order from orkos. their prices are not exactely cheap and they usually charge a delivery fee of 6 euros (via ups) . this only made sense because i had the free shipping bonus.

and i had such high hopes, because i was sooo impressed by their presentation on the rohvolution fair. such a young, fresh and professional team.


well, more on the actual fruit later :)

Apr 3, 2010

rohvolution 2010 berlin

shame on me for not updating sooner!

prepare for a loooong post now with many many pictures!

last weekend i went to the rohvolution in berlin! my apologies to all my friends in berlin whom i did not contact or visit this time...

i really just came in to visit the raw fair and had barely time to spend with my host, my good old friend B.

i had a very early flight saturday morning. from the airport i went straight to the fair, which was held at the "fez" at wuhlheide.

when in berlin i'm constantly surprised at how... non-metropolitan some of the quarters seem. especially in the outskirts. the area in which the rohvolution was held seemed almost rural.

from tegel airport it took me an hour to get out there... and when i arrived i had to wait in line for the better part of an hour! i hadn't seen that coming!

the fair was already buzzing with people. the pic above shows the main area, there was another smaller mezzanine with more booths.

i'm so glad i decided to go there. it's really the most important gathering of raw (and raw curious) people in germany.

on numerous booths one could experience the full glory of raw gourmet: chocolates, pies, cakes, breads, cheezes, tortillas, wraps, pizzas, supplements, fresh & dried fruit, you name it.

A W E S O M E !

crunchy cereals and breads

chocolates and truffles, everything to sample

the best raw brownie (actually the best brownie ever!) at "raw living", a uk based company with very friendly and competent personnel.

i am still a little ambivalent about the use of honey. i call myself vegan, yet i do consume honey. (angela stokes calls herself "beegan" which is a term i really like!) since i went raw, i have consumed more honey than ever before in my life. i developed quite the taste for it, but i do think that it's absolutely important where the honey comes from.

best is directely from a beekeeper. or a least from a bio organic store, some source where you can be sure the bees are treated with respect and are actually allowed to consume their own labour's work (that would be the honey) and are not fed some glucose fructose syrup as a substitute (as is the practice in most all major honey companies)

books books books. mostly raw un-cookbooks, but also stuff about yoga, healing and personal stories.

one of the few meals i actually bought. i mostly sampled my way through the fair ;)

pies and pizza! these pies were all heavy on the carob side. i'm not such a fan of carob. well, thank god there were samples!

another highlight was the booth of "42 grad", they had awesome tigernut mylk and fermented nut cheezes.

green smoothies for a bargain price everywhere.

breads and crackers. i must say that in comparison the breads i made at home are also pretty good.

raw chocolates. i sampled myself to death here.

dried fruit, also some lesser known ones here.

the above mentioned tigernuts. i bought a whole kilo. more about those later.

wheatgrass shots for free!

a very elaborate watering system for sprouts.

oh, the fabulous stand of orkos!
really one of the highlights. a very friendly team, always willing to explain and let you sample anything.
i tried fruit i never knew existed: yacon (a sweet root), palm syrup (see the bottle) and sprouted coconut!

between the starfruit on the right you can see a soursop, which is a kind of annona, same botanical family as the the much sweeter cherimoya.

they also had jackfruit @ orkos!

you could smell them throughout the whole hall by the end of day 1. i did indeed give a fresh durian yet another try.
i sampled a piece and i must say: it's just NOT FOR ME.
i also found it mildly offensive that people brought their open durians (and also durian seeds that were kept for planting at home) into the small seminar rooms where the stale air was already a problem without the stink fruit.
seriously people, i don't see what you see in that fruit!
i learned that not a bee or a bird pollinates the durian tree, not, it's a BAT that does the job! yuk! to top it all off a ripe durian fruit can kill a person when it falls off a tree, spikes into head...
there is also a legend about the origins of the durian:
"In Thailand centuries ago…
In his old age, a wise, old king took a young bride, but she did not love him
A mystical hermit offered to help the king telling him that a potion could be made from three rare ingredients: an egg of the black tabon bird, 12 ladles of milk from a pure white buffalo, and a flower from the Tree of Vision
The hermit mixed the ingredients and told the king to plant it in the palace garden
From the mixture sprang a glorious durian tree, whose sweet, delicious fruit changed the queen.
The queen say the king as young and handsome. She now loved him.
The king held a royal feast to celebrate, but he neglected to invite the old hermit
Angry, the hermit cast a spell to curse the durian. Its sweet smell became rancid, and its smooth, delicate skin grew piercing spikes
The princess never at the fruit again. She stopped loving the king."
[durian 3 : mel 0]

more fruit @ orkos. in the front you can see sapodillas. they were not exactely cheap at orkos. i'm glad i can get them at the african/indian food store here in the dorf...

3 they were already sold out :( ifferent varieties avocados, cherimoyas and the rare pili nut ("pilifrucht" in german).

the pili nut is native to the phillipines and so rare that even orkos doesn't offer it often. i would describe it as a cross between a sour cherry and an olive with the consistency of an olive. at first i found it mildly disgusting, but then i had a second go some hours later and really like it. by the time i was ready to buy some they were already sold out.

papaya, different varieties of mango and coconuts in different stages of ripeness @ orkos

fresh peanuts, guavas and red baby bananas @ orkos

a cacao fruit pod and fresh cacao beans! passion fruit in the background.

an assortment of dried fruit and organic nuts.

the coolest: dried pitaya! (also known as dragon fruit, "11 o'clock" in the pic)

my absolute highlight: raw icecream from booja booja!

this company has the best raw chocolate (raspberry truffles) and the best raw icecream. yaaay for booja booja!

i tried all 5 kinds (chocolate, vanilla, ginger, maple pecan and coconut) and they are all delicious!

the icecream is made of water, very finely grated cashews, agave and (depending on the flavor ) kakaopowder / vanilla oil / ginger juice / coconut / maplesyrup + pecans.

the very very best about this is that a biostore from duesseldorf will sell this icecream very very soon. i cannot wait.