Feb 27, 2010

mel vs. jujube

another fruit from the thai store. those green ones are very young. and VERY sour. i like it sour, but these... even too sour for me.
when dried the fruit turns red. i tried drying, but it didn't turn out right and i had to toss them eventually :(
the jujube is also called red date and is very popular in it's dried from. they have those dried ones at the chinese store. maybe i'll get some next time.

mel vs. breadfruit

the breadfruit comes from malaysia (and various island in the west pacific) and is a staple food in many tropical regions.

the shell looks a little bit like a small unripe jackfruit. the flesh is sticky and starchy.
i tried eating it raw and can really not recommend it...
there's a reason why pacific islanders boil, fry, roast or bake the breadfruit. then the flesh is said to resemble the taste of a baked potato or an oven fresh bread (hence the name)

Feb 24, 2010

raw lasagne & mango-banana pie!

L prepared this beauty for me! armed with the internet and some un-cookbooks, she made a raw lasagne (which also goes by the name "living lasagne") and a mango-banana pie for me!

this looks like straight out of a cookbook!
and the taste is so good! it contains a divine nut cheeze, marinated mushrooms, fresh and sundried tomatoes, zuccini and italian herbs.
i really wanted a second helping last night, but i was so full that i couldn't. so i had it this morning for breakfast...
for dessert she made a banana mango pie!
amazing! it has a date 'n' nuts crust and a banana mango (well. obviously...) filling with coconut flakes.
simply to die for! i think i'll have a second helping right now!

i've brought up my partner L a few times on my blog. originally she was rather skeptical about this whole raw food thing.
after some time being surrounded day and night by nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds, she has slowly started to see the value and fun of raw preparation.
although there are still a few things she still enjoys (like her morning soy latte and the once-in-a-while brown rice) i would say she is now more than 90% raw.
i think the raw food appeals to the ex-athlete in her (she used to compete in taekwondo at the international level. wow!) and as a professional orchestral musician, she has a few creative streaks of her own. she was always very good in the kitchen with cooked food; as a korean-american she has a good feel for flavors from many places and introduced me to many foodstuff i'd never even heard about.
this time, though, with the lasagne & pie i think she outdid herself! she promised more food sometime this week!!
L rawks!

Feb 22, 2010

mel vs. bitter melon

another unpleasant surprise was the bitter melon. it's added to soups, sauces and other dishes in india to produce a (surprise) bitter flavour.
maybe i should just stay away from any fruit that already contains "green", "unripe" or "bitter" in it's name.
i am not a fan.

mel vs. green mango

the (unripe) green mango is widely used in indian and pakistani cuisine, e.g. it's being used for making pickles and chutneys.
however it is not for me. or at least not on it's own. i would not recommend buying one, unless you know how to prepare it. it's very bitter and tart (it is an unripe fruit after all!). get a ripe mango instead and enjoy!

mel vs. sapodilla

this little nondescript fruit is THE thing for me!
it's a sapodilla!
the consistency is somewhere between a hard plum and a gritty pear. the taste is simply divine! something between chocolate, cinnamon, caramel and a ripe plum. very sweet. i love it!

i found it at a store called "trans-food", specializing in the sale of african and indian food.

the fruit originated in mexico, central america and the caribbean. today it's mostly grown in india.
if you can get your hands on some: buy them all. you will eat them. i imagine kids (or anybody with a sweet tooth) would also loooove the sapodilla.

Feb 21, 2010

the coconut is simply amazing, it's so versatile. did you know that the water of the young coconut can be used as an emergency tranfusion liquid when no blood is available???

i got some copra (dried coconut meat) at an indian shop, i wanna try making a raw coconut chocolate snack much like a bounty (that is like a "mounds" in america)

if you can't get your hands on fresh young coconut water, try the "dr antonio martin" products. the coco water, coco milk and coco cream are completeley RAW & ORGANIC!
have a great sunday everybody!

Feb 20, 2010

fantastic fruit from the iranian stores

last week i visited some iranian stores. i was surprised about the huge amount of dried fruit.

above you see the best dates i have ever eaten. these dates taste like TOFFEE. no joke. TOFFEE!!! fantastic!!!

you wanna know what that is? it is a fruitroll that consists of dried fruit with a little bit of salt!

many iranian sweets are made out of sun dried fruit. they are flattened out, rolled up and lightly salted. which does take some getting used to. the salt makes it a bit sour.

it's really just fruit and salt. i asked the salesperson and he kindly explained it to me.

more salty sweet 'n' sour snacks. this time whole cherries.

dried apples with spices. the famous turkish apple tea was originally made with this. before the instant stuff got so popular...

dried green raisins. when soaked, they really taste like a fresh green grape.

dried white mulberries for a bargain price!
in the 80s black mulberry trees were still around in france. a delicious marmelade was made out of it. i fondly remember this taste from my childhood as we spent some summers in france.
nowadays the black mulberry trees are seldom in france and the marmelade is no longer made :(
i got my hands on some fresh black mulberries in turkey last autumn. L didn't know the fruit and also loved it. although the shape is reminiscent of a blackberry, the mulberry sweeter in taste. the consistency is similar.
dried black mulberries very hard to get here (i've never seen fresh ones here), they can be ordered online though. the white ones are a lot more common, you can buy them at health stores here, but really overpriced compared to the ones from the iranian stores.
i had never heard of barberries before. they are rather sour and bitter little berries. but they are extremely rich in vitamin c.

Feb 19, 2010

almond mylk & noghurt

a noghurt: almonds and water blended up until creamy. i followed ani phyo's tip and added some lemon juice. yummy!

yes, almond mylk is really white. and it tastes fantastic!

mel vs. rambutan

just for those of you who might not know the rambutan: they are quite common here in germany and can be bought at turkish grocery markets, asian stores and sometimes at the more fancy supermarkets.
a rambutan tastes like a mixture of a lychee and an apple, is easier to peel than a lychee, a little bigger, and most of the times also cheaper.
go for it!

chocolate 3.0

i tried to improve my chocolate recipe by adding more almond nut mash and almond milk. it was too much almond milk so they didn't get hard enough... these stars are right out of the freezer. they do taste great though!

better bread & "cake"

i've been experimenting with flax and other ingredients to create better doughs.

i made a sweet dough (with agave & maple syrup) and created a cake-like-thing. it was a tad too fibery. so i flattened out what was left of the dough and dehydrated it in the oven (lowest temperature)

makes great cookies!

L made these green dogsnacks! they contain kale and various nuts. they got really nice and crunchy!

this is probably the best bread i made so far. it contains black sesame, sunflower seeds, flax, salt AND:

these dehydrated veggies: red beet and cauliflower. it has a really nice texture and bite.

mel vs. tongkwa

i got a slice of tongkwa at the chinese market. i bought it thinking it was some kind of melon... i stand corrected.
it tastes pretty fresh and watery, like a cucumber.

so i made a salad with it! with some fresh green spices, sunflower oil and salt.

miso soup with kelp

i took another recipe from the fabulous ani phyo and altered it a litte.
so this contains basically white miso, soaked chinese mushrooms, a little bit of ginger, sunflower oil and kelp. (i overdid it a little with the miso, so it was really salty...)

kelp is fascinating in all variants.

tomato "mozarella" salad

i used this recipe:
from the raw pirate gourmets and altered it slightly.
(i took the juice of half an orange instead of a lemon, because we were out of lemon. and since young coconuts are currently "out of seaon" or right now not being imported i used some frozen young coconut meat)

another great salad with carrots, soaked raisins and rambutan.

coconut cream cheeze

so, what's new?
i haven't been blogging all week because i spent all my freetime either in the kitchen, trying new stuff or shopping for new exciting groceries ;))

one of my new creation is a "cheeze" made from coconut meat (not the young coconut, these are not available here right now... but the "mature" one), nutritional yeast, white unpasteurized miso and salt.

white miso (you can get it in most japanese or korean stores, look in the refridgerated section) and nutritional yeast (try "reform haus" (health shop) or bio supermarket)
two real great assets in the raw cuisine!!

Feb 15, 2010


i've had some trouble with heartburn during the weekend. all these fruit acids... i really suffered and tried all kinds of raw home remedies. wouldn't help. i tried some stomach remedies that are supposed to soak up all that extra acid. wouldn't help.

i ate a lot of spinach and monday morning it was finally better. yesterday i tried cauliflower rice. it's just cauliflower and pine nuts blended to a mash. served with cinnamon.

and some other mash, including carrots, black sesame, celery and cashews.

somebody helped me blog...

today's breakfast. just regular oats, soaked overnight, a grated pear, gojis and raisins and some agave.
the hardest part for me is not abstaining from coffee, bread or steamed veggies. it's leaving out the darn sweetener.

i was (or am i still?) addicted to sweetener. i loved to over-sweeten my cereal, teas and desserts. i enjoyed diet sodas. now not anymore. it's not that easy, but it's completely possible.

Feb 14, 2010

green papaya vs ripe papaya

the unripe green papaya made into a salad is the most favorite dish "of women" "in indonesia", if you want to believe an internet source.

however, it is not for me. the green papaya is more like a zucchini, but too crunchy with almost no taste. maybe it's all in that "indonesian dressing" ;)

ripe papaya anytime. the black seeds are edible, but really spicy. in some regions they are used as a substitute for black pepper.

garden burger & really dangerous chocolate pudding

as it's still carnival here in germany and the city is crowded with drunk people (in costume - how fun...) i am staying an as much as possible this weekend.

i got into this food preparing frenzy yesterday. good thing that ani phyo's book "ani's raw food kitchen: easy, delectable living foods recipes" had arrived!

soooo.... what was for dinner?

first i prepared ani phyo's black sesame sunflower bread (it's mostly these ingredients plus flax seeds, some chopped onion and garlic) and spread it out in the oven. (lowest temperature for... many hours)
then i made ani phyo's catsup, a great ketchup like stuff with fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and apple cider vingear.
next: the hearty garden burger! it's basically a nut mash with various veggies. i altered ani's recipe (which called for more sunflower seeds) a bit. i took cashews, black sesame, carrots, celery, a little bit of onion and garlic. into the food processor and then formed into putty. this also went in the oven.
with some spirallized japanese radish (made into spaghetti with my new kitchen tool, a spiralizer!) with wasabi soy dressing this made a terrific dinner!

so what about dessert?
i made the "really dangerous chocolate pudding" from the raw pirate gourmets!
(www.rawpirategourmet.com/category/videos) did i mention that these two rockstars have some great videos that you can get via itunes? for free!!

take an avoacdo, some soaked dates, a plum, some raw chocolate powder and some agave syrup, toss it in the food processor (or blender) and: it's ready!
crumble up some raw cacao beans and you get some chocolate chips in the pudding.
and i had some leftover frozen coconut meat (you guessed it: from the chinese supermarket!) that i tossed in too.

addictive! i will make this again. and again. and again...

i also made some great food for friday night when i met my good friends A & E. i forgot to take photos of the meal...

i made some carrot salad with baby bok choy and soaked raisins. and a terrine like dish composed out of zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and a little guar gum (which is ground up guar beans, it's raw as i understood it from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guar_gum) to bind the mix together.

the ingredients are sliced paperthin and then stacked in layers into a cake tin and put in the fridge overnight. i wish the endresult looked like this: www.seehamer.de/index.php?navi=3&buchid=4702 (second picture from the left). the recipe came from that very book.

we watched the latest episode of LOST ("what kate does") and then analized it. consensus is that we didn't like it all that much. just the last scene gives some answers. on the other hand the premiere was just so good that any episode after that was expected to not have measured up.

then i watched jenna norwood's movie "supercharge me" with the girls. they found it entertaining and motivating. and they really liked the food i had prepared! grrreat!