Jan 30, 2010

mel vs. sugar cane

yaaay, sugar cane at the chinese supermarket! i always wanted to try these.

pretty hard stuff...

it's what sugar is made from. you can actually eat/suck on this cane. i would not recommend swallowing though. it's pretty... fibery.

and into the juicer it went.


excellent! fresh, not too sweet. very very tasty.
again? ALWAYS!

raw shangri-la

OH MY GOD, there's been a health explosion in our kitchen... along with the latest issue of Get Fresh! magazine from the uk. a shiny glossy mag about... raw food!

does anybody know what these are? got them at the asian market...

duke & sonny don't understand what all the fuss is about. they've been eating raw for years...

durian's banishment

"despite it's great local popularity, the raw fruit is forbidden from some establishments as hotels, subways and airports and public transportation in southeast asia"

yup, no joke. durian is also called "the stink fruit"

mel vs. durian

i had often walked by the frozen durians at the asian markets...

after reading all this hype about "durian - the king of fruits" i decided to finally get one. the frozen durian cost me 8,50 euro and was larger than my head.

the guy at the cashier warned me that "it's dangerous". i thought he just meant the thorns. boy was i wrong...
the thing took about 1 1/2 - 2 days to fully defrost. when i cut it up i was tremendously exited...

... and then instantly repelled.
the often described "special odour" hit me hard.

...turpentine, cheese gone bad, rotten onions garnished with a stinky gym sock.
well, i wouldn't be me if i hadn't tasted it nonetheless. let's just say this was a bad idea.
apparently the durian i got was overripe and very intense in flavour and taste.
my partner L helped me pack up the whole thing immediately and then went straight outside to toss it.
if you never had one and are now wondering if it can really be that bad i suggest a visit to an asian market. most have whole frozen fruit, which won't stink as badly (until you open them). some markets might have frozen portions though. i discovered them at my local market (later unfortunately). i opened the freezer to examine it and the familiar stink already greeted me...
a frozen durian: never again.
a fresh one: maybe. if i am in southeast asia and can eat it freshly prepared by an expert.
conclusion: 8,50 euros straight into the garbage. durian kicked my ass.
durian 1 - mel 0

mel vs. mangosteen

the mangosteen can be found in fancy supermarkets in germany. strangely i never bought one. until recently.

it's a very delicious little thing. tastes like a very wet apple plus cherry plus chestnut plus... lawn. in a good way! yummy!

if you see a mangosteen and you didn't have the pleasure yet: go for it!

conclusion: a win win situation

it's all about nutrition...

hello all!

since entertaining an exclusively juggling related blog didn't work out so well i've decided to make this blog all about... me. yes, me.

it will become a blog with my everyday ramblings and thoughts.

and my latest obsession: RAW food. or food in general.

coming up:

- mel and the durian fruit
- mel's adventures in the raw
- making almond milk
- non baking a bread