Sep 18, 2009

the umbrella

the umbrella. another 1 up 2 up / columns variation

the (full) shower

i posted the half shower before, here comes the full shower. (note that many tricks are named after waterfigures or movement attributed to water)
this pattern is more difficult than the average 3 ball trick. it gives me A LOT of trouble.

4 ball fountain (synchronous)

my 4 ball fountain got a little bit better. this time the balls are thrown synchronous. i find this easier than asynchronous, but it also doesn't look as good.


in the juggling world every trick and pattern has a notation.

these notations don't just look complicated... they are complicated.

sometimes a silly trick has a long notation...

e.g. this one: the 42423...

the real tennis

the trick that i previously called 'tennis' is in fact called 'fake tennis'

so here comes the real tennis now !

the reverse cascade

here comes the reverse cascade. called reverse bc the balls are thrown not under the next flight path but over it. therefore the pattern often broadens itself.
in the video i throw a regular cascade, then reverse, regular and reverse again.

infinity and beyond

i thought this trick was simply named "figure 8" as one ball moves around the other two (going simply up and down) in a figure 8.
but as a lying down figure 8 is the symbol for infinity why not give this trick a much more fancy name?!
but jugglewiki tells me this trick is called "reverse infinity" (sounds like the next big thing in existential philosophy...)

Sep 17, 2009

new videos!

it's been a while since i posted something. i was sick and had to stay in... i had a severe cold. (pigflu? who knows...)

here are some easier 3 ball tricks. nothing too exiting.

Sep 7, 2009

columns, tennis, 1up2up

here are some variations of the pattern "1 up 2 up", colums (any pattern that involves the balls being thrown not in an eliptical-arc-shape, but straight up) and tennis.

overthrows & half shower

this is a very simple 3 ball trick, probably the first one i learned after the 3 ball cascade (regular 3 ball juggling)
one ball is thrown "over the top". when done continuously, it's called the "half shower".

3 ball mills' mess (441)

"the mills' mess is the crème de la crème of three-ball juggling patterns. a tongue-twister of triple trickery! anti-gravitational hand jive in the key of three balls"
(charley dancey, the encyclopaedia of ball juggling, 1994)

well... i wouldn't exactly say it like that, as the trick has evolved from obscurity into one of the most shown tricks today.
BUT it is definetely a 'bit better than beginner' trick AND it does look awesome when performed smoothly.

see my version of the mills' mess...

i learned the mills' mess in just a few days thanks to an excellent youtube tutorial! youtube rocks!

this trick does also work with any larger number of balls (4,5,6 etc). i tried a tutorial for the 4 ball variant. let's just say it's gonna be a while till you see me posting any videos of it...

4 ball fountain (asynchronous)

i've been working on this 4 ball pattern for month now.
it's one of the 'easiest' tricks with 4 balls.
if you watch carefully you will see that the ball DO NOT CROSS from hand to hand. they stay in the same hand, it's two independent "two in one hand" patterns at the same time with the hands throwing alternately.
here it comes, although it's far far away from being solid....

Sep 3, 2009


ok, i am blogging.
finally :)

this blog is meant
a) to keep my friends posted on my juggling progress
b) as an archive for myself

as soon as i figured out how i will post some videos of me juggling.

i will try to add at least one new trick per month...