Feb 12, 2012

mel vs ambarella

really, this vietnamese saturday market turns out to be a treasure trove of fruity gemstones. look what i found there...

well, as i am almost positive these aren't olives... my best guess is that they are ambarellas (the dutch wikipedia has more pics than other languages. go holland!)
since they're not ripe yet i'm just gonna have to wait it out.

have a happy sunday everybody!

Feb 10, 2012

milk apple musings

dear friends and readers, again... sorry for not blogging more often.
anyway, listen up, 'cause i got newwwwws for ya ;)

i discovered this "secret" vietnamese "farmer's market"-thing in the middle of duesseldorf!
apparently it's a big import/export company. once a week (on saturdays) they are open to the general public, so people like you and me can shop there.

so what did i find there?

* fresh young coconuts for a f***ing bargain price (1,79€ a piece! sold currently at asian markets throughout the city for 2,49€)

* a really rare treat: my beloved STARAPPLE... one of my favorite fruits that i discovered in honolulu

geeeez.... how could i not have known about this market sooner?!

the starapple (crysophyllum cainito) is also called milk apple bc the fruit leaks a sweet milky fluid.

the edible part of the fruit has two "components": a moist inside surrounded by a tougher outer part. while the inside is like a rambutan or lychee, the outer flesh (the part leaking the "milk") is like an unripe banana.
overall it tastes like a thai sweet rice pudding. truly unique.

i've been trying to get my hands on some starapple seeds for a while now, without luck though. well, now i have a handful of them at my disposal!

could that be a crack in the seed... possibly a beginning of a sprout?

on a different note...
i believe 2012 will bring along many changes. i can feel it in my bones. just like the first weak sprouts fighting their way against all odds, new chances will occur. possibilities galore. there is love and joy for all of us out there.

have a grrrreat weekend :)

Dec 8, 2011

heartfelt @ rohkostgalerie

hey everybody!

a cool new raw food online store just launched. and they feature.... TADA...
my chocolate!

have a gorgeous day!

Dec 4, 2011

hello again

hey everybody,

thanks for still reading my blog, esp since i've not been posting for month now. i was on the road a lot. can't say that i'm back now or that i'll blog more often... but i have lots of good intentions.

i really apprechiate all the feedback i'm still receiving from you guys. thank you!

meanwhile, do check out boris' b.alive blog. he is a raw food chef from berlin who continues to amaze us all with his creations.

check it out:

have a grrreat sunday everybody.

Jun 5, 2011

filled cucumber 1928 vs 2011

guess what? i found this raw recipe book from 1928, simply called "die rohkost küche", written by lisbeth ankenbrand in a secondhand bookshop!

raw food was popular in gemany around the early 1900s. dr bircher benner had his famous clinic in switzerland and the lebensreform movement brought reformhäuser (basically health stores, still selling supplements and organic foods) into bigger cities.

"gefüllte gurke", filled cucumber 1928

so almost 100 years later the recipe still rocks (although i tweaked it a little)

Apr 26, 2011

raw chocolate reloaded

despite all my good intentions (mono-diet-wise) i felt like making chocolate yesterday. i've had some new plans for raw choc for a while now, so i dug in.

it a raw praline bar... so sweet it makes you thirsty.

inside is an almost liquid filling. you can spot the center-layer it in the pic, it's a little bit lighter. i won't tell you what's in it since i'm thinking about going "commercial" with those.

the "real bounty" version 2.0. contains 1/2 of a coconut, cacaobutter, coconut sugar and cacao powder.

enjoy your day!

Apr 24, 2011

raw easter lunch at my mom's

happy easter holidays everyone!

my efforts to stick to a (raw vegan) mono diet are working out ok for now.
it's usually very easy for me until the early afternoon. another tricky part are the evenings, since i love to eat my big meal of the day in the evening. so i still prepare salads and also chocolate, but i'm not stressing myself out about this. i try to take it on a meal-by-meal basis, to ease into this kind of raw lifestyle.

i also made a big exception for our easter visit at my mom's.

my mom will roll her eyes from time to time at the raw lifestyle, but she is very accomodating. i think it's even fun for her to try out new recipes.

she surprised us (yet again!) with a lovely table set for three:

geez. i'm so fortunate! my mother spend a great deal of time preparing our lunch. (including a veggie tofu "schnitzel" for L, see bottom right)

she does really make an effort to get super fresh LOCAL ORGANIC veggies and fruit which i really appreciate. she prepared some purple potatoes for L and herself, otherwise she joined the raw meal :)

she prepared this amazing dish before (when we came to visit on her b-day in february), it's oranges, radicchio and red onions marinated with olive oil. i don't know why, but the taste vaguely reminds me of durian. (i thinks it's the combination of fruity sweet with onions)

she made a red beet carpaccio with spring onions. she marinated every layer individually! then she let it soak for maybe 2hours. the beets get so soft, it's amazing!

my mom got up early to get some fresh green asparagus (and super sweet strawberries) from a local farmer! (on easter sunday!)
i never ate raw asparagus. i can only recommend it. don't know if this works with white asparagus as well, since that's tougher. but the green asparagus was nice and not a bit bitter! she marinated it with a lemon-olive oil marinade that was lightly salted. delicious!

an assortment of fresh herbs, pine nuts and a dressing made with pumpkinseed oil and honey.

seriously, at a raw restaurant you would easily be charged 20€-plus for a plate like this...

i cannot stress how fortunate i am, having the support of my family.

danke mama!

have a grrreat day!